Wholesale Sales Rep provides tips on selling to gift shops

Wholesale Sales Rep provides tips on selling to gift shops

Having worked as an independent gift sales representative for over eight years, I sell wholesale gifts to retailers, I find so many crafters and manufacturers with good gift products that need help to get their goods ready for the market. Sales of wholesale trade differ greatly from selling on handicrafts and agricultural markets. But thats not the overwhelming task you might think it is! Its my wish to share some of the things Ive learned over the years to help new producers wanting to enter the wholesale gift. In this article you will learn some simple steps to make a presentation. If you find this interesting and useful, check out my blog, Sales to Gift Shops, to find more tips and information.

An overview

There are many aspects of selling wholesalers: how to price products; how to approach gift buyers what terms the buyers expect and so much more. Here I will give some tips to beginners who just keep their feet wet at the wholesale marketplace.

Material you need

Believe it or not, there are not many materials you need to make a good presentation to a gift buyer. The only items you really need are a good example or two of your products and a wholesaler or order form that contains terms and contact information. Of course, you need selfconfidence to come out and be proud of your product! With a few steps to prepare for what you can expect from your presentation that I will outline here, you will help you develop the trust you need!

Sales call

There are so many different ways to call a purchase because there are sellers in the field. Everyone uses their own system, but after many years as salesmen, I have found the following systems to work best to facilitate sales to gift shops.


The first time you enter a potential store account, you spend time studying the store and the products they currently have on their shelves. Does the product resemble your products? Look at their various displays of gift products. Will your price point fit into their current merchandising program? The information you receive from observing and talking to your employees will give you insight into which of your products will sell best in the store. But remember to pay attention to the customers who visit the store and do not interrupt a clerk with questions if they are busy helping customers. Customers come first!

Talk to the shop owners

Once you know that you are familiar with the products and save the picture, it is time to talk with the buyer or the boss. If you feel nervous, keep in mind that even the best sellers are nervous about their first sales call! Think of all potential store buyers as your potential friend. If you are kind and friendly, they are more likely to take the time to talk to you.

With all the hundreds of stores I have visited, I do not remember a time when the meeting with a potential buyer proved to be an immediate rejection. Buyers are more curious about you and what products you have to offer. If you are excited about your products, your enthusiasm shows your attitude and will kick their interests enough to want to talk to you.

If you are in a larger store where the buyer and the boss are two different people, introduce yourself to the boss first. Do yourself and your purpose known to the boss before starting your sales presentation, often facilitates the managers and the buyers time during your visit. The boss may be the one who places some first order orders before transferring the surrender to another person. If the boss does not order the product, he may introduce you to the buyer, which gives more conviction of your presence and presentation.

A great way to engage the buyer in conversation with you is to ask them about their special store. Ask open questions those who can not be answered with only yes or no to start a conversation with the buyer and learn more about the deal. Listening to your buyers Answering these questions often helps you build reports and trust and help you gather information that will be helpful when you lead your sales presentation. Your purpose is not only to sell your products, but to help your buyers see your products as a way to solve their sales problems and make it easy for them to get your products to their store!

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